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How long and how many times a week is residential treatment?

This is determined on a case by case basis. Our team will present you with a comprehensive treatment plan outlining short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals with recommendations and referrals for all levels of care. Our organization will work with you to make sure this is the first and last time you are a participant in treatment. Our outstanding staff has laid the groundwork to provide long-term solutions to people suffering from psychiatric disorders, and chemical dependency disorders. It's common for relapse to occur, and we have structured a program that assists clients with overcoming these obstacles. All too often programs make promises they can't keep. With your help, our expertise, your dedicated team, and resources, you will stay on the right track. We offer a guarantee that other programs don't. 

What about family members?

We offer an intensive family program that is integral to each participant's treatment plan. Our staff will coordinate your participation in our family program, provide lodging, transportation, and more. As family, your roles are important. Our team will work with you together and separately from your loved one to create healthy boundaries, coping skills, and more. In other words, we want you to have the tools to continue to have a healthy life.

What if I want couples counseling, but my partner won't come?

Unfortunately, sometimes one partner is not as willing as the other to come in for counseling. However, we often find that it is possible to improve the relationship with just one person involved in counseling.

How much are your Fees and do you take insurance?

Your fee depends on the kinds of services you request. You can learn more about the insurance we accept, fees, methods of payment, and general payment policies by contacting us.SoCal Recovery Solutions offers a full range of services to fit every budget, level of care, and service. Contact us to see how we can assist you. Our programs are designed to be able to offer services to every person in need. We offer programs that are for families on a limited budget, and very high-end programs that include private concierge services. It's up to you! The best way to determine is by visiting the websites for our other programs or contacting us directly.

Do I need to take medications?

This will be part of your treatment plan as determined by your clinical team, that will include a licensed physician. Most medications are covered by insurance, and we will handle any pre-authorization requirements for medication. It's not uncommon for medication to be used to treat a variety of medical, psychiatric, and other conditions. 
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